To do: Play in the mud

 muddy kids

Spring play in the garden at its best. The funny part is that this young lady came by with her mom to drop something off… and this is what they got into! Doesn’t she look perfectly into it? Noah gives me a perplexed look when he discusses kids who are scared of the dirt. It’s foreign to him. You can see here, where his comfort zone lies. If you have a child that is hesitant about getting dirty…send em to me for an afternoon and we’ll see what we can do. And tell me, is it a mixed message that I give a little groan when they come to me with muddy grins, then I make them all stand for a photo op before we head to the bath??

muddy kids 4

muddy kids 1

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  1. Deb says:

    Most excellent! The kids look so happy – and really, what’s a little more laundry among family. 🙂 Your boys are getting really big now!

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