A glimpse at the greenhouse

It’s time for my favorite job on the farm, working in the greenhouse. I love baby seeds. I love baby goats (coming soon!) and baby kids (growing fast!) and baby giraffes (such long necks!), and I also love baby seeds. There is a reason they call the space for baby plants a “nursery”. It really is a place of gentle quiet, vulnerable and fast development, a miracle of life in each germinating seed reaching for the sun. I enjoy nurturing them up into young plants and then sending them off when the time is right, with well wishes and hopeful prayers, out into the world to grow into maturity out in the fields.

I love all the seed packets, some are cracked open early to germinate in the greenhouse, some wait til the soil is warm. Seed packets represent all the hope of the garden. We’re working on saving our own seed, but some is always ordered from our favorite cooperative seed company.

seed packets

cabbage seedling

Fun Jen Cabbage seedlings, a new crop for 2012: Napa Cabbage. Here’s your botany lesson for the day–the heart shaped simple leaves are the cotyledon leaf, the baby leaf; and then curvier one is the first True Leaf, and is the first to look like cabbage leaves.

seedlings 2


We’ve been busy, and the greenhouse tables are quickly full. As quickly as they fill up, we begin planting them out into the garden rows, making room for tomatoes to be potted on to bigger pots and demand more table space.

bok choi sprouts

This blog posting is brought to you in honor of the bok choi we planted in the fall, in the greenhouse. We enjoyed the bok choi but also had some hang out too long and lose their crispness. Good thing I am not quick to pull old crops up…it started shooting up these delicious spring sprouts. The sprouts look and taste a bit like broccoli. The leaves are delicate and delicious! I stir-fry them, put them in my green smoothies, splash dressing on them as a leaf salad. Along with the winter kale we planted, they have been a healthy blessing to me this winter and I am so grateful! I usually crave greens this time of year and this is the first year that I feel like I ate enough greens throughout the winter.

This is Sitka, the farm dog, who dug himself a bed in the greenhouse, to hang out with me and help with the seeding. He is dedicated to our greenhouse work and spends many afternoons seeding with me.


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  1. Deb says:

    Love it – and I’m having serious hoop house envy. I keep meaning to make one of those in my little urban homestead but it hasn’t happened yet.

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