Kids on the farm

 Kids on the farm…goat kids, that is! The first week of April we welcomed triplet goat kids to the farm. Our Alpine dairy goat, Avanell, gave birth to the triplets. Two females and a male. I seemed to block out the possibility of three…the third literally fell into the hay before we midwives said, “hey, here’s another one!” All three are in good health and bonding well to momma.

The male has a pink nose!

Goat kid cutiebob

We have some chickens that like to lay eggs in the goat shed, in the hay. The boys collect the eggs and call these “goat eggs”.  This is funny…now we even have goats that lay on the eggs!

goat eggs

Here’s the good momma, tending to her babes.

kids and avanell

goat girls

goat bob 2

This is April, one of last year’s twins. Yearlings? Ready for breeding this fall. She is a beautiful pure-bred Alpine milk goat and is available for sale.

april goat

This is Hazelnut, the goofball. This photo just makes me laugh every time.


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  1. Deb says:

    Awww, how adorable! I wish Rockville would let us have chickens, or goats, but “farm animals” are prohibited here. *sigh*

    Thanks so much for sharing stories and pictures. 🙂

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