How do you fill your basket?

This is Tracy. She and I go way back. She was one of our first CSA members twenty years ago. We became friends and raised our kids together when they were quite little. She is volunteering on the farm this summer. She always told her kids, “You need to fill your basket.” She’s talking about your internal soul-nurturing basket, filled by moments that just seep in and nurture contentment. 

On harvest day, I sent Tracy out to pick the beets. I knew she loves beets, so I figured she would enjoy picking them. Tracy came out of the field with a smile on her face and her crate full of beets. I took this photo. She told me that the delight of picking those beautiful bountiful deep red beets filled her basket. Literally and figuratively. 

I love this because it taps into our farm mission of connecting you to your food, the land and community. Making these connections fills your basket. It seeps in and satisfies deep inner needs. It satisfies the need to take care of yourself. It makes sense that there is an instinctual deep satisfaction in growing your own food and knowing where your food comes from.

At House in the Woods Farm, our mission is to fill both your harvest basket and your soul-nurturing basket. When kids leave the farm with an experience of pulling a beet or planting a sweet potato plant, they connect to their food sources in a really special way. It is an experience that fills their basket.

What fills your basket?

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