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Quick springtime side dishes

With CSA harvests up and running, dinners are getting easy again. Here are two easy sides I made to go with roasted chicken. Basically, add any protein and grain, and you are set. Steamed or sauteed Asian spinach. I used … Continue reading

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Farm Chi season

Nappa Cabbage is a cool weather crop, best in the spring and fall, and its my favorite base for Farm Chi. So it’s Farm Chi season! Farm Chi includes whatever is harvesting at the farm, so this batch features: Garlic … Continue reading

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Spice beauty

  Spice beauty…freshly ground mint from the jar of dried garden mint. The kids had fun grinding it and grinding it, but that killed the coffee-herb grinder…our ancient coffee-herb grinder is retired now. Also ground mint, nutmeg and cinnamon together … Continue reading

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A midwinter homesteaders holiday

  In early February (February 2, to be exact), there is an ancient holiday called Candlemas. It is celebrated between the winter solstice (December 21) and the spring equinox (March 20). On Candlemas, people would gather wax and all the … Continue reading

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Confusing Scary CSA Vegetables Recipes

I really love this post about confusing scary CSA vegetables and great simple recipes that make them easy and delicious. They will disappear from your frig into your belly! I will repost this in the spring when we have more … Continue reading

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CSA Cookbooks

CSA season has begun! It’s great to bring into the kitchen all these wonderful fresh greens coming in from the garden, but what are we going to cook? CSA members want to know. There are so many choices, its nice … Continue reading

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Who eats better??

A yummy note from CSA Member Elissa… Heirloom tomato soup with onions and garlic (and veggie stock from season’s extras), sauteed corn and sweet potato greens. Who eatsĀ  better than your CSA members??

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Quick summer salads and sandwiches by Ilene

I’m a busy farmer and mom, I don’t spend a ton of time preparing dishes. I spent today harvesting onions and then needed a potluck dish to go. I spent five minutes and chopped a cabbage, some parsley, some green … Continue reading

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Death by Garlic

This is a great time to indulge in great garlic, when its available fresh and local. Garlic has so many healthy properties, don’t buy irradiated garlic! Get the vibrant stuff if you can. CSA members at House in the Woods … Continue reading

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Recipes from Susanna

I love when CSA members get involved in the recipe share. Here are some recipes and tips that use lots of CSA crops, from a great cook, Susanna: A great recipe for Zucchini: I am not using any Frisee … Continue reading

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