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Interns, old and new

Celebrating our interns, old and new, this week! Here on the left are Neda and Alexa, University of Maryland student interns this summer. Neda just graduated and is heading to Arizona for a masters program in Sustainability. Alexa continues her … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato and Slip

Sweet Potato and Slip Sweet Potato Slips  Thank you to all who came out and helped plant the sweet potato patch. We really appreciate your efforts! I wish I took more pictures of people helping, but we were so busy, … Continue reading

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Harvest #12

 Harvest #12–August 12, 2011 (this is a bit approximate, we’ll see tomorrow!) Choose 8, you can double an item to count as two: Garlic Tomatoes — a mix of reds, heirlooms and pastes jalapeno peppers Green peppers Eggplant — the … Continue reading

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Harvest List for week 3–June 10

Anticipated Harvest List for Friday June 10–CSA members will select 8 from the following: 1) A new batch of lettuce, either romaine or a new variety of red leaf lettuce 2) A second type of lettuce to choose from, another … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Here is our Spring Nature Table. Noah helped this time, collecting rocks and picking crocuses.

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Kids Farm Blog: 2nd entry

this is jonah’s strong growing lima bean plant. I’m Noah. This is me in the greenhouse. Egg Math

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Kids Farm Blog: Planting Seeds

Hi, I’m Noah. This is my pumpkin plant. I planted the seed this week, and I’m waiting for it to come up. It’s growing in this greenhouse. The cat is sleeping near it, in the greenhouse too. This is an … Continue reading

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Sunday Pancakes the Slow Food Way

Sunday pancakes are a special treat at our house. Join us for this morning’s virtual pancakes. It might take a little longer than most households’ pancake breakfast, but we enjoy it. It starts with grinding two grains–rice and buckwheat. These … Continue reading

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Blizzard 2010 on the farm

Farm news from Blizzard Peak. The snow sure is beautiful, but there is definitely too much of a good thing here. I am tickled by how many people wrote and asked “How are the cows managing the snow?” They appreciate … Continue reading

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Beach Trip

As farmers, we are busy during the growing season, so we tend to do more trips during the off season. And, as busy as we are catching up with the rest of life during the cold months, its a good … Continue reading

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