A cautionary tale as you take to the garden

It is spring! This is the time that many of you join me in my anticipation of the upcoming growing season. This is when we turn to our seed packets and admire them until the ground is warm, or put some of them into trays under lights or in greenhouses. A time of hope and dreams.

baby plant

Well, I have this Ilene counterpart cousin in Texas who has some cautionary words for you as you embark on your gardening, dare I say Farming, endeavor. She’s an Ilene too, and for the record, she became an Ilene a year or two before me, but she’s nice so she shares. We also share the namesake of our mutual great-grandmother Ida. Here’s where it flip flops.

We are trying on each other’s hats: She spent some time off the computer screen trying her hand at farming, as I take breaks from the fields and try to kickstart a growing season of blogging about the farm. While I’m busy planting seeds in the field, she is out west winning awards in the social media field for her #ATX blog-a-thon and leadership in mobilizing the bloggers of Austin. And she’s a fine read.

Here are some links to Ileenieweenie’s hilarious farming renditions and the results, beginning with a Cautionary Tale:





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