Harvest List for week 3–June 10

Anticipated Harvest List for Friday June 10–CSA members will select 8 from the following:

1) A new batch of lettuce, either romaine or a new variety of red leaf lettuce

2) A second type of lettuce to choose from, another leaf lettuce

3) bok choi

4) kohlrabi

5) turnips

6) scallions (the spring onions are done, these are delicate scallions)

7) garlic scapes (get them while they are here!)

8) kale

9) chard, Red Russian or maybe Perpetual Spinach (a spinach-y variety of chard)

10) cabbage

plus U-Pick Herb Garden (ready now: sorrel, sage, chives, a little oregano, some chamomile flowers, what else..)

Coming Soon: zucchini are starting! Definitely next week, maybe a taste this week.

U-Pick Zinnias are beginning to blossom! A beautiful row. They will be U-Pick when there are enough of them.

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