Phil’s new tomato caging system

Getting your garden space ready for planting tomatoes? Last year Phil set up a new system for caging tomatoes that we are really enjoying. These are two cattle panels set together to make a long triangle, and the tomatoes are planted underneath. If you can grow your home garden tomatoes in a long row, you might be able to set up a system like this as well. The rest of you can take advantage of our new system–we are selling our wonderful tomato cages! Yes, they are rusty and big, classic tomato cages. But these are hand-made from rebar, very sturdy and tall. They handle our tall heirloom tomato plants very well. Storebought cages are flimsy and three times the price as these. They work well and we used them for years. Clearance sale on tomato cages will begin at our Tomato Seedling Sale.

tomato caging 1

tomato caging 2

Here is a close-up of our old tomato cage supports.


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