Garden Rivers

I was not industrious enough to go out in the rain this morning to photograph the flooded garden for you. But Noah came running in and said “The garden is under water!”.  Overstated, I am glad to report. The troughs in our raised bed system were full of water. The tops of the potato hills were only a couple inches above the water level in the troughs between them. Phil wondered if he would need to do something to help drain them. But it was amazing, by evening, the rivers between the hills had disappeared underground. All nicely seeped in and away, for the most part. Another blessing of gratefulness to the hill system. I wish I had taken pictures for you of the rows this morning and evening, but you get neither. It was that kind of day. Here is a picture of our friend Loran from Red Wiggler Foundation surveying the garlic rows, to show you the hill and trough system into which we plant all our crops.

loran and garlic

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