Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Thanks everyone, for a fabulous tomato sale! We cleared out the first planting of tomato plants, I still have a few Brandywine and that’s it. I have a second planting of lots of varieties for sale, ready around Memorial Day weekend. All these varieties are available again for the second planting. For sale by appointment.


REDS AND PINKS————————————

Black Krim–Dark red beefsteak with rich sweet taste from Black Sea of Russia

Arkansas Traveler–One hundred year old heirloom from the south, Arkansas to North Carolina. A lovely round tomato, resistant to cracking and disease. A favorite of ours.

Brandywine–Pinkish red, most popular heirloom originated in 1889.  One pounders! I have tons of Brandywine plants!

Carmello–The French Carmello is popular in Europe for its exceptionally fine flavor. Very productive plants. The grower “de-hybridized” this seed from the original hybrid.

Cherokee Purple–Deep red beefsteak with dark shoulders, originated in Tennessee by the Cherokee tribe. Rich flavor.

Prudens Purple–Beautiful deep pink-red and rich taste like Brandywine. A mainstay slicer on our farm.

Giant Belgium–The name may warn you—this tomato averages 2 pounds but can reach 5 pounds! Great for cooking, canning, or showing off.

UNIQUE COLORS————————————-

Valencia-Beautiful round bright orange tomato, mild, fruity sweet like a Valencia orange. From Maine.

Persimmon–Rose-orange like a persimmon, big, sweet. Fruit up to 2 pounds! Vigorous and prolific plants.

Striped German–A fruity sweet treat! This tomato will show you what heirlooms have to offer—a big sweet tomato with red-yellow stripes with streaked red and yellow juicy flesh.

Pineapple—Just like a Striped German. Pineapple fruity sweet, streaky red-yellow, yummy tomato.

Green Zebra–A magic tomato, green with dark green stripes, skin blushes yellow when ripe. Green salsa or even green sauce! A hit for contrast on a potluck platter.


Long Tom–Especially long red paste tomatoes with few seeds and thick walls. Great sauces, good in salads.

Speckled Roma–Paste tomato, Red with a hint of orange and wavy yellow streaks, a beauty!

Amish Gold—Paste cross between Amish Paste and the beloved Sungold, a sweet idea.

Black Plum–Russian plum variety, Two-inch elongated plum-shaped dark red fruit. Close to a paste but thinner walls. Sweet and tangy.


Matt’s Wild Cherry–Mini red wild cherry tomatoes, prolific. Cute little stems with six bite-size tomatoes on each.

Sungold CherryOrange, super sweet mini tomato. A rare exception to our heirloom rule in our tomato collection, this hybrid is worth it. Our CSA members eat them all up on the car-ride home. Kids love ’em!

We have a few kinds of peppers and eggplant. We have thyme, sage, and chamomile. Sold out of basil.

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