Chick Update

The chicks are three weeks old, so its time for an update. In their first week, they had visitors come to admire the new hatches. Here are CSA members, Heather and Kelsey of the Schwartz family.

Chick visitorsChicks a few days old


Then, with chicks one week old, Noah selected out six chicks for Hannah, put them carefully in a shoebox and we drove to Philadelphia. Here’s Hannah and Noah, on Hannah’s visit to our place in March:

Noah and Hannah Noah and Hannah

Just shy of Phili, we made covert arrangements to meet on the side of the highway and deliver the contraband to Hannah and her sister Nora and father Chris. We rushed off to a family party in Phili and then met up that evening at Hannah’s house for an overnight visit with Hannah and her family.

Here’s Hannah with her new chicks:

 Hannah with chicks

Here’s Jonah and Norah, assistant chick keepers, visiting Norah’s bunny:

Jonah and Nora

Five chicks went to another customer, Phil’s friend nearby. Four chicks were designated “Not for sale” by Jonah and Noah. They include two Naked Necks named Naked and Peckeron, and two yellow chicks named Max and George.  Here they are at three weeks old:

chick update

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  1. Yeon says:

    Thank you for the update!! All those children look so happy with the cute chicks around!

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