Bee Happy on the Farm



Phil took a Bee Keeping Class this winter, taught by Steve Collins at LilyPons. The class met at our farm to pick up their bees and learn how to settle the bees in their new home. We had a potluck lunch together while people “painted” a dot on the queen so they can easily detect her. Pretty neat stuff. Here are the whole classes bees in Steve’s van. Look closely to find the stragglers, who missed the box when they were being dumped into boxes. They travelled to the farm, clinging to the boxes mostly, wanted to get in with the rest of the bees.



dsci1904.JPG dsci1903.JPG
This is Steve with a little box special for the queen. Classmates look on.



David observes the bees.



Phil is ready to install the bees.



Phil did a good job installing the bees and giving them a good start. Wish our bees luck!

Hope they will BEE HAPPY on our farm…

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  1. I think having this kind o farm is filled with excitement and fun. Not to mention that there will be lots of honey and bees at the same time.

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