Spring on the farm


I start to feel the approach of springtime on the farm in late February when we begin planting seedlings in the greenhouse. We start onions and scallions and slow-to-germinate parsley in February. In March we begin cool weather crops like cabbage and turnips and beets first. I just started planting tomato seeds and peppers and eggplant. The greenhouse is starting to feel busy. Starting up the greenhouse gives me spring fever, I get all itchy to play in the dirt again. It is the perfect place to play in the dirt in March, a pleasure to be under the protection of the plastic on blustery days.

dsci1860.JPG Cabbage seedlings

dsci1862.JPG I like to plant a tray of lettuce right away, to cut and eat straight from the greenhouse tray.

dsci1861.JPG Onion seedlings grow into much tastier onions than onions grown from onion sets.

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