The Duck House is Almost Ready


The ducks are getting big. So soon they will need to move to their permanent house that is going to be in our pond’s fenced-in area. The duck house is currently being built next to our barn (which is not near the pond). We put it on metal tubes that are going to be used like skis to transport it. The duck house has no floor so when you move it, the grassy floor is clean again. I’ll be adding a door and white plastic for walls. Unlike chickens and turkeys, ducks sleep on the ground or in the water. When our ducks grow up, they will need somewhere to lay their eggs. You want your ducks to lay their eggs where you can find them (preferably somewhere easy to get)  so you have to make nest boxes if you want to find their eggs. Nest boxes for ducks should be 12” x 14”.  They should be inside the house, dark, and  far away from their food and water.

IMG_3124   IMG_3127

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