With a little help from our friends

Last week sure was windy! It ripped the skin right off our hoophouse! In a big wind, the plastic ripped off and flipped off the roof just like a huge page in a book might turn. In one flick like it was nothing. We are grateful that we had planned to replace the plastic in a couple months, so we already had the new plastic on hand. Phil called our farming friends down the road, the Horst family of Jehovah Jireh Farm.  They came right over that evening and helped prepare for the job, then arrived early the next morning to help pull the plastic over the hoophouse framework. Its a big job, and a big wind can rip that plastic or take us all for a kite ride. But we had ropes secured over the plastic to hold it in place, and many hands to keep it snug until it was tacked down. Ever so grateful to our neighbor and CSA member, Nathan Wilkes, my brother Ron White, and the Horst family. With a little help from our friends, we were able to save all the trays of seedlings we have growing in our hoop.

Jehovah Jireh Farm is currently accepting orders for their fresh pastured chicken, on-farm pickup of fresh chicken all summer long until Thanksgiving. And turkeys in November, too. Good people to support, and not just because they were SO VERY AWESOME to help us out last week. 🙂

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