Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I love the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. First full weekend in May. I run my sale on Saturday and spend all day Sunday at the festival. Phil and I used to go as farmers and gaze at all the sheep. Then I became a parent and a knitter, so I started going two days–one day with the family to gaze at sheep, and the other day by myself to gaze at yarn. These days we have consolidated it into one day, but I still get solo yarn time. Its such a treat. Here’s some fabulous felting inspiration. Phil liked this hat. Suits him, yes?


Check out the curly locks eye candy at my favorite vendor¬†Wild n’ Woolly¬†and their hilarious fleece art. And as always, say hi to the alpacas, who sneak into the sheep fest each year (they are covered by the wool part, I guess, but in this case…not any more).

IMG_0195 IMG_0198IMG_0197

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