Happy Harvest July 27

Happy Harvest July 27, 2012

tomatoes–reds, heirlooms, maybe some romas

green peppers–italian long peppers, bell peppers,  pimento peppers

eggplant–italian, gourmet round beatrice eggplant, long japanese eggplant as available

garlic–its a bit split, but still so very tasty and fragrant and special to have locally grown organic garlic

basil–three kinds–sweet, thai, and red

jalapenos–time to make fresh salsa!

chard–get your greens

scallions–so fresh tasting

cabbage–last of the cabbage

cucumbers–the last week of cukes from this planting, hopefully more coming in a later set

beets–maybe the last week

we’ll check the kale, but it may be done


zinnia bouquet

cherry tomatoes–sungold and matt’s wild cherry

COMING SOON: more green beans

So many choices continue for this week, create your variety by changing up your selections from last week. No reason to get tired of anything, just choose the eight items that inspire you. What have you been loving to make during this summer bounty?

Some of my favorites are simple to make:

pesto and sliced tomato grill cheese sandwiches

hummus dip with scallions and garlic blended into it–dip with slices of green pepper or cucumber..or spread the hummus on a piece of bread with a slice of tomato, oh my! its my picnic lunch fave these days, and the heirloom tomato slice makes it

sautee scallions and garlic and thin discs of japanese eggplant and peppers until eggplant is soft, include a splash of soy sauce, add last a handful of thai basil and simmer til it wilts like spinach…so yummy…add chicken or asian noodles if you wish

five minute farm slaw: chop cabbage, dump vinagrette salad dressing over it (could just be balsalmic and olive oil and chopped basil), add sesame seeds, scallions, shredded carrots, thinly sliced peppers, a little salt

change farm slaw to tomato-cucumber salad–chop tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers in bigger pieces than slaw, include same dressing. Add chopped sweet basil.

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