Harvest #7 June 29

Harvest #7  June 29, 2012

SELECT 8 items from the following anticipated harvest items this week. Plus u-pick crops!





Fresh garlic! Just picked, loose cloves.






Jalapenos, just a few, not available all day yet

Bell peppers

Kohlrabi–last bin

Turnips–for the turnip lovers, these late season turnips are best cooked


Beans, provider variety

Snap peas, while they last

Flowers, pick a small bouquet of zinnias

We are hanging on to some of the spring crops, while we welcome in some of the summer crops–basil, peppers, garlic. Beets, how I love fresh beets. I boil them til just soft, rinse to cool and slip off their skins. Coarsely chop, splash with  balsalmic vinegar and honey, chill. Cucumber and zucchini plants have short lifespans, but we grow several sets of plants. The next set is already planted. Enjoy these crops now, there will be a break before we have a go of them again. Zucchini plants have already slowed down, cucumbers may have another week or so. Are you enjoying these cucumbers?? They have such a sweet crisp flavor. So many people tell me they didn’t know a cucumber could taste like this. I wish I could capture that flavor in words, it is simply the taste of summer. 

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