A farmer’s revelation

I think I figured it out. Why people aren’t eating enough veggies anymore. How uninspiring asparagus is unless its picked fresh and eaten same day. How unappealing spinach can be so very overcooked and tired, from frozen or weeks old and well-traveled. How tasteless a tomato in January can be, gassed to ripeness in its travel box. How a cucumber can taste like water, flavorless and hollow. Then switch the scene: picking snap peas off the vine, plump with moisture. Beans that snap. Heirloom tomatoes harvested ripe and distributed to eaters same day and local. Greens that make your mouth water. Romaine lettuce that makes me dream of romano cheese. Red lettuce, succulent and wavy. Beets, bright and fresh and vibrant. Boil til soft, peel, toss them with balsalmic vinegar and honey. Chill. Cucumbers that are naturally sweet and full of flavor. And on and on, veggies that inspire you with wonder and awe as you witness their grow, the field’s bounty, tend the rows, harvest the fruit; veggies that inspire you with craving and motivation to eat. Inspiring. It really is a revelation. –Ilene

We are learning to grab veggies
  tear them in half
Enjoy them in their fresh virgin state
This is a revelation
--Michelle Guillette
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