Harvest #6 June 22

June 22, 2012  CSA Offerings

Lots of bounty, its been a bountiful season with conditions that the plants have been loving! Check the recipe section of the blog for ideas on how to prepare your share of the harvest…

CSA Members select 8 from the following items:

zucchini (a peak week, and they don’t last too long! Another set of plants will be ready later as well)





white turnips

cabbage, savoy traditional

cabbage, nappa Chinese–a few of the last for the season

beets, beautiful beets!

cucumbers?–just beginning, definitely next week

fennel–try this unique vegetable braised, grilled, shredded in salad or to sweeten a soup


bok choi?

I need to check on basil, green peppers, jalapenos–we may have a small amount of these just starting

U-Pick Beans, in addition to your 8 items–a peak week for beans! With new sets of plants coming too!

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