First CSA Harvest

An exciting week at the farm, with our first CSA veggie pickups. Here are some highlights.

I think the bok choi won my prize for most beautiful offering in the share.


Yes! Real dirt on vegetables!  Straight from the garden.


These Oasis white turnips are so sweet and mild. I like them best in a salad or thinly sliced and marinated in a dressing all by themselves.


Kohlrabi is the alien purple thing. Nobody comes into the CSA familiar with it, but kohlrabi is easy to make friends with. I like it best peeled and sliced raw, like carrots. I gave out samplesall weekend, so that nobody gets scared of the purple alien. Its docile.


Yep, that’s a big super cabbage.

ilene and cabbage

Jackie actually brought her clay pot and we planted her herbs right at the sale display.

jackie and herbs

Our new (as of last year) veggie shed. Needs a better name than that. Any suggestions?

veggie pickup

U-Pick herb garden.


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3 Responses to First CSA Harvest

  1. Shielo says:

    hi! how are you?

  2. GBK Gwyneth says:

    Hey there! I think Rob has your contact info, but Chloe and I googled your names today and found you with just a few clicks!

    I hope that you’ll write me and let me know what’s up with you. I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat more at LEAF, but I’d love to meet up with you when we come to DC or camp together at LEAF next October!


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