Beach Trip

As farmers, we are busy during the growing season, so we tend to do more trips during the off season. And, as busy as we are catching up with the rest of life during the cold months, its a good chance to take a break too.  The erratic temperatures that are the new norm often challenge us in our farming. Thank goodness for diverse vegetable farming. It is risky business to plant a monoculture of one crop, but especially in times of erratic weather. For us, we grow a gazillion different things, so all our carrots aren’t in one basket. or eggs. or you get it.  The erratic weather concerns me as a warning of global warming and general disturbance. But I surely took the gift of near 70 degrees in November while we were on our short but sweet beach trip. We spent lots of time on the beach. A few days later they got a hurricane with tons of rain that flooded out the beach and Route 1. I was interviewed on the beach for a newspaper article titled “Why the @*&% do you visit the beach in November?” They took cool photos of my boys and the dog on the beach, but did not print those. Here is the boring article they wrote.
Good thing I took some pictures too:


Phil’s red shiny beautiful hair gets more red and shiny and beautiful in wind.



Sitka LOVED coming on our trip and was such a good beach dog, you’d think he was leash trained. He is more cow herder than leash dog, but he is doing both really well these days. I’m warning him now though, he is NOT coming to Florida with us.


I used to love playing in tidal pools like this as a kid. This is Noah, transplanting sea grass. Always farming…


Flying Sand

Sand Boy, flinging sand…

Sand Boy


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