Summer Saute Pasta Topping

Here’s something easy for the new summer crops coming in, I had it for dinner tonight–

Summer Saute Pasta Topping

Sautee onions and garlic until soft
Add sliced eggplant (I used the small rounds of sliced Japanese Eggplant)
Add basil, fresh herbs, chopped fresh tomato. Maybe a dollop of fresh pesto. Or add the pesto to the pasta later.
Cook until soft
Add blanched, chopped greens or zucchini too. Or chopped fresh green beans. I like to keep these veggies especially¬† zucchini a little crunchy, so I don’t cook that very long.

Add this on top of pasta, with shredded romano or parmesan cheese. A little chevre goat cheese would be wonderful too. More chopped tomatoes.

My family added sausage to this meal, but its enough as is for me. Steak, grilled chicken, any meat would be a good side dish for it. Try to put more veggie saute and less pasta, if you want.

I will have this for dinner so many times this summer, I might get tired of it. We shall see if that is possible!

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