Heirloom Tomatoes “Not too late” Sale

Due to popular demand, we have more heirloom tomato plants ready for sale, in many interesting varieties. And plenty of peppers! Here is your chance to add a magic heirloom tomato to your garden collection, sneak in one more, or start that late garden. You are not too late! Tomatoes will be happy to go in the ground now that it is warming up more consistently, and they may give you tomatoes farther into the fall than earlier plantings.  That’s why we grow a second set.

I will update this list of varieties each evening this week.

at House in the Woods Farm

Friday May 22–10am-2pm
Saturday May 23–10am-2pm
Sunday May 24–10am-2pm
Other times and days available, just email or call to set up a visit.


Go to http://www.houseinthewoods.com for more information about the sale.


THANK YOU–Thank you all for a sell-out tomato sale in early May with our first planting of tomatoes. Bring the 4-inch pots back to the sale, or put a bag of them by our mailbox if you are in the neighborhood. We’ll re-use them.  Happy Gardening!

$4 per tomato plant, plus 6% sales tax. Ask about other plants for sale. Return pots to our mailbox and we’ll re-use them!

REDS AND PINKS————————————

Black Krim–Dark red beefsteak with rich sweet taste from Black Sea of Russia

Brandywine–Pinkish red, most popular heirloom originated in 1889. 

Purple Calabash—rich red tomato good for saucing. Squatty shape.

UNIQUE COLORS————————————-

Valencia-Beautiful round bright orange tomato, mild, fruity sweet like a Valencia orange. From Maine.

Persimmon–Rose-orange like a persimmon, big, sweet. Fruit up to 2 pounds! Vigorous and prolific plants.

Green Zebra–A magic tomato, green with dark green stripes, skin blushes yellow when ripe. Green salsa or even green sauce! A hit for contrast on a potluck platter.


Long Tom–Especially long red paste tomatoes with few seeds and thick walls. Great sauces, good in salads.

Speckled Roma–Paste tomato, Red with a hint of orange and wavy yellow streaks, a beauty!

Black Plum–Russian plum variety, Two-inch elongated plum-shaped dark red fruit. Close to a paste but thinner walls. Sweet and tangy.


Matt’s Wild Cherry–Mini red wild cherry tomatoes, prolific. Cute little stems with six bite-size tomatoes on each. Kids love ‘em!

Sungold CherryOrange, super sweet mini tomato. A rare exception to our heirloom rule in our tomato collection, this hybrid is worth it. Our CSA members eat them all up on the car-ride home.


Marconi—heirloom long green bell pepper that ripens to red

Purple Beauty—beautiful purple skin, green inside like a regular bell pepper

Biscayne—Mild yellow banana pepper. Prolific

Pimento—Ripens to red faster than bells, tangy but mild, ideal for cooking or           


Ace—a boxy hybrid green bell pepper that ripens quickly to red

PERENNIAL HERBS—————————————————-

Chamomile—beautiful little daisy-like flowers, dry them for tea

Sage and Thyme—great culinary herbs for any herb garden.



Ilene Freedman



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