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What’s for dinner?

One of my greatest pleasures on the farm is witnessing my children’s experience of the garden. They inhabit the garden with confidence and comfort, as they snack on sorrel leaves, Long Tom tomatoes, and red peppers. Jonah eats cabbages and … Continue reading

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Donate to the Frederick Food Bank

We donate to the Frederick Food Bank. Never often enough (people eat every day!), but we are trying to go more often. I have made a point to grow extra chard this year for the Food Bank, because I know … Continue reading

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Summer Saute Pasta Topping

Here’s something easy for the new summer crops coming in, I had it for dinner tonight– Summer Saute Pasta Topping Sautee onions and garlic until soft Add sliced eggplant (I used the small rounds of sliced Japanese Eggplant) Add basil, … Continue reading

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Another turnip recipe

It was the last week our CSA members are receiving turnips for this season, but I had forgotten to include a recipe by CSA member, Tracy. So if you still have some in your frig, here’s something to do with … Continue reading

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Farm Visit–Clark’s Elioak Farm and The Enchanted Forest

Clark’s Elioak Farm is located on Rte 108 in Ellicott City, Maryland. We stopped in for a visit to their petting farm, and discovered that they are the dedicated folks relocating and restoring The Enchanted Forest figures that I had … Continue reading

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Turnip Fritters

CSA members received purple top turnips today in their CSA share. I’ll get you a photo soon. Here is a popular recipe that a dear CSA member named Mareena contributed years ago, and its still a favorite. Mareena moved south … Continue reading

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Heirloom Tomatoes “Not too late” Sale

Due to popular demand, we have more heirloom tomato plants ready for sale, in many interesting varieties. And plenty of peppers! Here is your chance to add a magic heirloom tomato to your garden collection, sneak in one more, or … Continue reading

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Welcome, little calves

An exciting week on the farm. We are very inexperienced with livestock birthing. We are learning! Good thing that these cows like to birth on their own, and don’t want our help. You see she is missing from the herd, … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day on the Farm

Birth on the farm just in time for Mother’s Day. This sweet little calf arrived yesterday (Saturday) afternoon during the Tomato Sale. Katie didn’t even tell me! She wasn’t with the herd at the end of the day, so Phil … Continue reading

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Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Thanks everyone, for a fabulous tomato sale! We cleared out the first planting of tomato plants, I still have a few Brandywine and that’s it. I have a second planting of lots of varieties for sale, ready around Memorial Day … Continue reading

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