Emily’s Stand

This is Emily’s Stand, in its second season. Emily’s Stand is a patch of sunflowers, Emily’s favorite flower. It is a patch of joy and bright sunshine at House in the Woods Farm. This sunflower patch brings smiles and hope to those who admire it. It honors the life and spirit of Emily Duckworth. Emily had a bright smile, positive nature, and a gentle yet determined way of bringing goodness to the world.

The Duckworth family are House in the Woods CSA members and have been so for 17 years! Emily was raised on our produce and made memories on our farm. They are a big part of our farm community and our homeschooling community. I have taught Emily and her siblings in our homeschool coop, that their mother Lisa organizes. We go way back! Here are some photos from way back.

On a day that Emily brought me crappy news about a brain scan, we stood in front of the garden and I told her that I will plant a sunflower patch for her in the spring because we are all standing with her. And it will be called Emily’s Stand. We both smiled on a hard day. Neither of us knew if she would see the garden grow, and I don’t know if that even crossed her mind at that time. No matter. We smiled on a hard day, and that is all that mattered.

Sunflowers stand so tall and always turn toward the sun. Like Emily.

Emily passed away December 28, 2017 at age 21. I think of her often, but especially in July, when the sunflowers beam with joy right in my garden.

Emily’s parents, Lisa and Will, established an FCC scholarship fund in Emily’s name to honor her memory and support other students of social work. Consider feeding the fund. Click here http://apps.frederick.edu/foundation/givingform.aspx to make a donation. Select Designation “Other” and put “Emily Marie Duckworth Scholarship” in the text box below. Details about the fund are here https://frederick.academicworks.com/opportunities/5725

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