Liz’s Beet Chocolate Cake

Cake on the farm! We can do that, because it had our beets in it! So it was farm-grown cake, right?

Liz volunteers on the farm but she works in her kitchen. She has a cake business called Another Slice of Cake. She brought an incredible chocolate beet cake to the farm today to celebrate Phil and Ron’s birthdays. The balance of beet and chocolate was lovely; you could see the red tint from the beet and taste the sweet fruitiness that it added to the chocolate. (This one happened to be gluten-free, as well.) Thanks, Liz, it was so delicious and beautiful! Really, you need to check out her website at some of the incredible decorated cakes she makes. Like the Bassett Hound cake that is on the front of her website. The woman makes sculptures out of cake and icing.

And since I know you will be asking, here is the recipe. She replaced the flour with gluten-free oat flour and coconut flour to make it gluten-free.

Happy birthday, Phil and Ron! (We’re still celebrating their September birthdays.)

Thanks, Liz!

felgate cake 2 felgate cake

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