Goat Midwifery

Goat Midwifery

When my goat was in labor, it reminded me of my own natural childbirth experiences. This story is a recollection of my goat Avi’s first birth on our farm, four years ago. No kids this year, but hopefully next year!

My goat Avi is in labor. I sit in the goat shed with her, just being present to calm her, and letting her know that she has calm company. I am reminded of birthing and babies and birth assistants. I am a goat midwife. I watch Avi’s body ripple with another contraction and remember the flow of sensation as those muscle contractions take over the body and pull the baby downward.

Her contractions are far apart at the beginning, causing a slight arch of her back down to her tailbone. She paws at the ground, making a nest—paw here, over there, sits, stands, fidgets uncomfortably. The nesting activity is a sign of labor with my goats. It reminds me of pregnant women vacuuming energetically before labor. For me, it was baking lasagna. For Avi, it is hay in just the right nest shape. We all have something.

Read the rest of this post and see photos: http://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/goat-midwifery-zbcz1405.aspx#ixzz33J1I9BRL

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