Homegrown Shiitakes

We spent one early spring day last year with our neighbors and my dad, drilling holes into logs for shiitake mushroom logs. With a hammer its easy to tap the spore-laden dowel pieces into the holes. Our neighbor’s five year old took to this job well and hammered in lots of dowel pieces. We each took home some logs, watered them each week for a bit, and kept them in a shady spot. This summer, after a good rain, we got a nice crop of shiitakes from the logs. You can get the spores and all the instructional details from The Mushroom People.

IMG_0612 IMG_0614

IMG_0620 IMG_0623



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  1. sabo752 says:

    Hi Josh:Judi and I live part time on Oak Shore Drive in Fall River. We are here many weekend tohrught the year. We like supporting the local CSA movement but since there is just the two of us, and only here part of the week, a CSA share does not make much sense. We are only here usually on Fri, Sat. and Sun. I wanted to find out if you will be selling at a stand, at your home on Main Street, farmers markets or only with the CSA packages that you offer. Think Spring!Phil and Judi.

  2. sabo752 says:

    OK, so I have been friends with your cumeostr Doris McDowell for about a year and a half and I am just now hearing about this. PUT ME ON THE LIST, even if all you currently have available is dandelion greens and dirt.

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