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Check out the March edition of Frederick Magazine for a House in the Woods sighting, in the article titled “Waste Not, Want Not”. I am quoted talking about the way we can make use of vegetables that are not picture perfect, instead of wasting all that good food. In a CSA, customers learn that the farm is their garden rather than their grocery store. The produce is organic and fresh and beautiful, but if there is a little nick on something, we don’t throw it away. It is not wasted. It’s perfectly good eating. For the next level of imperfects, we are able to sell to the Common Market deli, where they can chop off a bad spot and use local produce in the delicious dishes and soups they cook. We also donate to the Frederick Food Bank, thanks in part to another Common Market collaboration they call Farm to Food Bank.

In the article, yeeks, there is a full page photo of me in the hoophouse. (at least its not a centerfold, eh?) It wasn’t easy doing a farm photo shoot in February, I gotta tell you. There is not much to show off on the farm in February. The garlic was sprouting a bit, since that’s planted in October, and we’ve got some greens in the hoophouse for our family use. That’s about it. So the Fred Magazine photographer, Jason I believe, came to do the photo shoot. Jason was squatting down to take photos of me making soil mix for the seedlings and my cat approaches, eyeing his back and shoulders. I gave him just enough warning that my cat Tigger was going to jump on his back, so he didn’t startle and drop his fancy camera in my dirt. Jason was pretty cool about it, actually, he let the cat nestle down for a nap (a cat nap?) on his back while he clicked photos. I wished I could have taken some photos of him and Tigger, it was much more interesting content, but like I said, he was the one with the camera.

Check out the Fred Mag while its on news stands.

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