Happy Harvest September 14

HAPPY HARVEST September 14, 2012

CSA members choose 8 from the following harvest items:

acorn squash–Each week we will offer one of the beautiful winter squash varieties that we grew for you! This week its acorn squash. Cut one of these squash in half and you have two cute bowls. Scoop the seeds, fill it with raisins, a little orange juice, cinnamon, drizzle of honey. Then bake about 35 minutes, until soft. Yum.

garlic–see last week’s tips on freezing garlic, its on the blog. Preserve the harvest!

Sweet potatoes– first of the harvest is ready for you to take home! Enjoy!

cucumbers–we have a small late crop of cucumbers! Enjoy this late treat of summertime.

tomatoes–mix of reds, heirlooms and romas

jalapenos–still making some fresh salsa?

basil (sweet or red)

thai basil (use like sweet basil or as a green vegetable in a sautee)

bell peppers, and pimentos and italian long peppers–likely plenty of reds

sweet potato greens–sauteed green vegetable

Chinese Cabbage–its beautiful and delicate, I eat it raw like lettuce


green beans–take a snack, some young ones are on there, avoid the really chewy bulgy ones.

flowers–zinnias, pick a bouquet, get em while they last

herb garden–looking good: sage, parsley, chives, oregano, sorrell


butternut squash

sweet potatoes

loose leaf lettuce (we hope!)

20th and LAST WEEK OF CSA PICKUPS: Friday September 28

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