Happy Harvest August 10

Happy Harvest August 10, 2012

House in the Woods is represented in a new cookbook geared to CSA veggies–Vegetable Bliss by Julie Sochack. I’ll have a book sample to show you and talk to you next week about a bulk CSA order.


green peppers–italian long peppers, bell peppers,  pimento peppers

red peppers–the fall weather brings on the ripening of greens to red. Enjoy these red peppers!


garlic–hard-neck garlic is special and hard to find, especially locally grown organic…try this fragrant garlic sauteed with pasta and/or veggies!

basil–three kinds–sweet, thai, and red.

jalapenos–time to make fresh salsa!

chard–get your greens

onions–enjoy these fresh farm onions! They are so good.



zinnia bouquet

cherry tomatoes–sungold and matt’s wild cherry

green beans–the green beans are in! Lovely and delicate first week of Provider beans


Noah and Jonah will be selling their watermelons, as available.


THAI BASIL LOVE– When stir-fried in an Asian dish, Thai basil is more like a green vegetable than an herb. Its a totally different leaf than sweet basil.Thai basil wilts down in the pan and acts like spinach then…load it on! Oh oh with onions and soy sauce, maybe simmer down some thin eggplant slices til they are soft, then top with thai basil til it wilts down. Yum.

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