Recipes from Susanna

I love when CSA members get involved in the recipe share. Here are some recipes and tips that use lots of CSA crops, from a great cook, Susanna:

A great recipe for Zucchini:

I am not using any Frisee or Radishes in it though.  It’s very good.  The manchengo and almonds are really good with the zucchini

This is the Borscht recipe I always use as a starting point :

Roasting the beets makes them taste really nice.

And, beef and bacon in a borscht is pretty amazing.

Another beet recipe I used today:

apple and beet salad- I think it would be good w/ bbq, sort of like a coleslaw

I made coleslaw today  too

shred 1 whole head of cabbage, shred 1 carrot, shred 1 red onion, mayo or miracle whip or a combination of the two- start with 1 cup and go up as desired, 1 tsp. dill, 1/2 tsp caraway seed, 1/2 tsp celery seed, 1/4 tsp fresh pepper, 1/2 tsp sea salt(seasoning amounts are approximate because i don’t actually measure, just close your eyes and think of all the people you love, season with love and it’ll be awesome)

Roasted garlic dip

3 15 oz. cans chickpeas

1 + cup heads of roasted garlic

3 lemons juiced

2 sprigs oregano

sea salt

olive oil

In food processor, puree chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and oregano leaves.  Pour olive oil in while it’s pureeing until it is the consistency you want- probably 1/4 cup or more.  Sprinkle with sea sale as it purees.  Taste to adjust.

I roasted garlic using whole heads the other week, not the cloves I got from you.  I cut off the tops, pour a little olive oil on top, wrap the heads in foil and put them in the oven at 350 for an hour.  Squeezed the cloves out and put in a container in the fridge to use as needed.  i think if you toss the individual heads with oil and wrap a bunch with foil, you will get similar results, but I haven’t actually done that.

Swiss Chard and Garlic:

Cut swiss chard into pieces about 3 inches wide.  Toss with olive oil and chopped garlic.  Put in shallow dish, sprinkle with sea salt and fresh pepper.  Bake at 350 until wilted.  Stir a few times while baking.

Make this with any green that doesn’t require boiling- I’ve made it with spinach and escarole as well.  Eat this when you feel a cold coming on and you will get better quickly.

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