Happy Harvest July 6

Happy Harvest ~~~ July 6, 2012

Its hot hot and the summer crops are ripening early. You get to enjoy the firsts of a few summer crops this week. There are many choices for this week, we’ll just lay em out for you and you decide. Consider buying extra items if you can’t decide on just 8, we offer the extra items at a great value for organic local produce. We harvested all the garlic this past weekend. No electricity in the house didn’t stop the farmwork.

CSA members select 8 items from the following offerings:

loose garlic–this is the fresh stuff, its not cured, so plan to use it relatively soon (and never irradiated, dipped in solution, sprayed and all the other things they do to grocery store garlic. this is the real stuff! its also a hard-neck variety, which is more fragrant than soft-neck.)

beets–shave em raw over a salad. boil or roast em with zukes and onions in the oven til they are soft, then the skins slip off. great plain or with balsalmic and honey, chilled.


green peppers

bok choi


zucchini–limited amount and then we rest from zukes until the next plants start producing. in a few weeks. last chance to sautee your zukes or make zucchini bread with the big ones.

cabbage–make cole slaw, kimchi, stuffed cabbage, cabbage and eggs.

kale–for your greens fix. the flavor is getting stronger due to the summer heat. get it while it lasts.




turnips–not quite as delicate as in the spring, this is best for cooking into fritters or mashed turnips. or try roasting.

heirloom tomatoes–if there are enough ripe ones this early! it may be a little sampling for this first week. Its just the first week of July and there’s tomatoes! Dance in the fields!

japanese eggplant–very limited supply, more coming soon.

jalapenos–limited supply

U-PICK OFFERS– beans, zinnia flower bouquet, sungold cherry tomatoes.

U-pick crops are complementary to CSA members, we encourage you to get into the fields and enjoy the bounty! We know its hot, we harvest for over 4 hours on Fridays to lay out the harvest, so we know its hot. Drink water. Pick some beans.

RECIPE: Roasted veggies, use lots of share items–you could use beets (you can peel em afterward if you want, the skins slip off then), zucchini, turnips, japanese eggplant, green peppers, not the heirloom tomato you need to eat that raw its your first heirloom tomato of the season!, green beans, garlic, the white part of the scallions with a few inches of the green– toss with olive oil and spices, a little salt. include plenty of garlic and some fresh basil. Roast in a casserole dish at 350 degrees until veggies are soft and wrinkly, maybe 40 minutes.

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