Heirloom Tomato Sale Varieties

Here are more details about the Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale this week! We have a few CSA shares left too, check in with me if you are interested. These two days are a good time to peek in on the garden progress and the baby goats.

Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5, 10am-5pm

At the farm, see below for more details.


House in the Woods Organic Heirloom Plant Sale 2012

$4.50 per tomato plant. Return pots to our mailbox, we’ll re-use them!

tomato plants

            REDS AND PINKS————————————

____ Brandywine–Pinkish red, most popular heirloom originated in 1889.

____ Black Krim–Dark red beefsteak with rich sweet taste from Black Sea of Russia

____ Cherokee Purple—A favorite, from Tennessee cultivated by the Cherokee Tribe. Plants loaded with beefsteak tomatoes. Deep red interior flesh, rich, complex flavor.

____ Rutgers– From 1934 “the Jersey tomato”, red tomatoes great taste for fresh slicing or cooking.

____ Black Prince– From Siberia, one of the most popular black tomatoes. Rich taste for cooking or fresh. Smaller fruit.

UNIQUE COLORS————————————-

____ Old German/Pineapple—a mild sweet fruity tomato, with red-yellow streaks to skin and flesh. Low acid, as are most yellow, orange and green tomatoes.

____ Hess–German heirloom producing large yellow fruit with red marbling, a beautiful bi-colored beefsteak. Mild, sweet, fruity flavor. Like Old German above.

____ Green Zebra–A magic tomato, green with dark green stripes, skin blushes yellow when ripe. Green salsa or even green sauce! A hit for contrast on a potluck platter. Also have some Cherokee Green.

____ Wapsipinicon Peachnamed after the Wapsipinicon River in northeast Iowa. Heavy producer of 2″ round fuzzy  yellow fruits. Sweet, juicy, well-balanced flavor. Replacing Garden Peach for us.

PASTES for cooking and saucing————————————————

____ Speckled Roma–Paste tomato, red with a hink of orange and wavy yellow streaks, a beauty! And sweet, good enough for salads. My kids’ favorite. 

____ Orange Banana –another unique paste, this one is orange! Plum-shaped orange paste with pointed ends and a good sweet-tart flavor.  An all-purpose plum tomato with good disease resistance.

____ Amish Paste–reliable traditional red roma with thick skin and less juice, ideal for cooking and canning, but sweet enough to eat fresh.

____ Bellstar—early plum, fresh or for processing. Compact plant with a concentrated early set. Larger and earlier than other sauce tomatoes. (Not an heirloom.)

CHERRY TOMATOES————————————————

____ Matt’s Wild Cherry–Mini red wild cherry tomatoes, prolific. Cute little stems with six bite-size tomatoes on each. Kids love ‘em!

____ Sungold Cherry–Orange, super sweet mini tomato. A rare exception to our heirloom rule in our tomato collection, this hybrid is worth it. Our CSA members eat them all up on the car-ride home.

 OTHER PLANTS————————————————

 ____ Basil–Three kinds this year! Sweet basil, thai basil, and beautiful red basil. 

____ Parsley, Oregano, Chamomile, Sorrel

____ Sorry, not much in peppers and eggplant this year. Maybe a tray or two. 


For GPS purposes but there is no mailbox: 2225 Park Mills Rd, Adamstown, MD.
Take 270 to Rte 80 West, go two miles, take a left on Park Mills Road, go about three miles, pass Mt Ephraim Rd and Bear Branch Road. Watch on your left side–you will cross over Bennett Creek, pass a house, then immediately look for our farm lane with a sign for “House in the Woods Farm.”
Drive up the lane and follow signs for parking. Gone too far if you get to Lilypons Road.

Contact: ilene@houseinthewoods.com or 301-607-4048

Our tomato plants are also available at The Common Market www.commonmarket.com


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