Sweet Potato Greens

Just sharing some of the love about sweet potato greens. I’m so proud of these CSA members, both first year members at House in the Woods, and they believed me that you can actually eat sweet potato greens!  OK, seriously, you actually CAN cook and eat sweet potato greens. They are popular in parts of Africa, and probably other regions of the world as well. A well-traveled CSA member gave me this insight a few years ago, and we’ve been loving this bi-product crop ever since. They cook down like any other dark leafy green and they are delicate and delicious like spinach. I’ll try to post some pictures soon (but I always say that).


I just wanted to pass along our love of the sweet potato leaves.  It is the new favorite green around our house.  The kids love it (well, they have eaten it in everything with no problem).  We have used it everywhere that you would use spinach or chard.  In soups, lasagna, sauteed with garlic, onions, and roasted red peppers, and in a Thai green curry with shrimp, coconut milk, sweet potato leaves (and other ingredients).  Just delicious, really milder than spinach.  Love them!!

Today I am going to try them with eggplant lasagna.  We just slice up the delicious House in the Woods eggplant and use that as the “lasagna” and put the lasagna filling in between the layers of eggplant.  Filling will be cooked sweet pot greens, garlic (and lots of it), onion, roasted red peps, and all kinds of cheeses.  Usually we put spinach in here but I am going to give the sweet potato greens a try.

Thanks for the introduction to sweet potato leaves!

—Sarah and family

Homemade pizza dough, sweet potato greens, cheese, and marinated, grilled, sirloin steak. Delicious CSA meal! Thank you!!!!  –Elissa and family

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