Garlic Barn is here

 We are becoming known for our hairy garlic (with roots still on!) and our traditional drying technique of hanging the garlic in the barn. Reminiscent of a tobacco barn maybe? But much better for you!


We have been saving our own garlic seed for a bunch of years now, so its our own variety. Our seed originated from “Music” variety, so we call ours “House in the Woods Music”. I like the connection to our decade of concerts on the farm, in the same barn that housed the concerts. Some of the concerts were held under the hanging garlic. I hope the walls will always be permeated with garlic, music, and good times all around.

garlic barn 2011

CSA members are enjoying our fresh, local, organic garlic–a difficult to find commodity. It is now also available at The Common Market, so you don’t have to be a CSA member to enjoy our garlic and heirloom tomatoes:

CM garlic display

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