Jordan’s Farming Experience Part II

Here’s Part II of our farm intern’s experiences on the farm.

Jordan’s Farming Experience


Day 4: Worked from 8-4 pm (with breaks)


            I forgot to mention yesterday because I was too tired, but I harvested 30 lbs of garlic scapes, and we all took them (including some tomato plants) to the Common Market to sell.  This was quite the experience because I got to see the full circle of the farm: starting from planting the food, to selling it to others to eat.  I loved this fulfilling experience because I really got to understand what it meant to be a farmer.  On another note, today I woke up and watered plants for around an hour and a half.  Watering today was really relaxing.  I also got to see some of the seeds growing, and the progress of them was amazing!  I feel fortunate to have witnessed their growth.  After that I harvested strawberries for the CSA tomorrow.  Even though I worked really hard today: tried to milk the goat, picked some eggs, watered plants, planted sunflowers, and harvested strawberries, I had a really fun day hanging out with the whole family and getting my hands dirty!  Plus, the most important thing:  I ate chicken today for the first time in two years!  How exciting.


Day 5: Worked from 8-6 p, (with breaks)


            The CSA was today!  I don’t think I will ever forget the experience.  We started harvesting at 9 and didn’t finish until 6.  It was so amazing though.  We got to see all the customers for CSA come out and get their vegetables, and it was so wonderful to see everyone so happy to just be there, and show their kids around, and everyone was so friendly.  I loved seeing the whole experience and being part of it, and harvesting the vegetables was even fun, especially because Amanda (the intern) was there.  She is coming every Thursday and Friday for the next ten weeks in order to get school credit, and she lives in Rockville so we decided that I am going to come also, even after senior projects.  I am really excited about this because even though it’s hard work, I’m not ready to really leave the farm.  I love it here too much. Basically, I had a blast today and enjoyed seeing the whole cycle of food: from field to customer.  It was also really nice today because I Ilene, Phil, and Noah and Jonah are so much fun to be with, and I feel like I’m learning so much about our food system and how crazy it really is!  I wouldn’t pass up this experience for anything in the world.


Day 6: Worked from 1-2:30 and from 3:00-4:00 pm


            Today was a lazy day because it is Saturday.  I was exhausted all day from the business of yesterday; my body is sore and tired.  However, this morning Noah, Phil, and I played around a two hour game of monopoly which was so much fun!  I loved seeing Noah get so excited about winning.  Afterward Phil and I went out to the greenhouse to seed some plants, which took around an hour and a half.  That was a little hard just because I was so tired today and it was hot out, but it wasn’t horrible.  Later in the day I helped pick strawberries, but I realized I forgot to eat lunch and cut the strawberry-picking short because I was starving.  I’m still super tired tonight, and all I am thinking about is sleep, but I enjoyed having a nice relaxing day.  I feel bad for not helping out that much though!

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