Spring nursery on the farm

Springtime makes the farm into a big nursery, full of babies, full of growing life. A cute female calf named Sweet Potato. Awaiting baby goats (Avanell’s kids, not to be confused with my kids), any day now. I’ll hopefully be the midwife. We even have a baby monitor (goat monitor?) set up in the stall to hear if she goes into labor. I keep expecting Avanell to call out for room service with it. “excuse me, could you come on out here with some molasses, please?”

Here’s Avanell, I guess another angle would show her bulging belly better (say that five times fast):

avanell pregnant

Here’s Hazelnut, her goofy “lady-in-waiting”:

goofy hazelnut

And the greenhouse is one big plant nursery. I love that baby plants live in a nursery. Its my favorite work on the farm.

Early crops, to be planted into the garden in April:


Baby Tomatoes:

tomato seedlings

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