PASA Conference

Some highlights from the PASA conference. There were lots of notables at the conference, here are a few.

Here’s director Andrew Kimbrell of The Center for Food Safety

If you want to help fuel an organization that is taking on the battle with Monsanto with success, in the courts and in DC… send your monetary contribution to The Center for Food Safety . They are working hard right now, in a time when the President just approved GMO alfalfa permits without an Environmental Impact Statement. But Food Safety was responsible for leading a win against GMO sugar beets and a list of other successful GMO slow-downs and shut-downs.Kimbrell food safety

For the record, PASA hosts an excellent regional conference (with attendees representing 30 states and a few countries!) in State College, PA. PASA is the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and they have a website. Under the guidance of Brian Snyder for the past 10 years or so, and with such hot items on the legislative table from raw milk policy in PA to the Food Safety Act in DC, PASA has become a leading organization in advocacy for family farms.

Jonah took most of these photos. I am proud of my six year old photographer.
Here I am with the big wig, Brian Snyder:
snyder PASA

It was good to see again CSA farmer and author, Elizabeth Henderson. She co-authored the book, Sharing the Harvest, which was my primary resource 12 years ago when we were starting up the CSA. And what’s cooler, is that she is one of the very first farmers to start a CSA in the USA, in the mid-80s. I’ve always enjoyed her workshops at PASA. This one was about her new organizing efforts to establish a code of ethic for social justice on farms in the USA, a living wage for the farmer including farm employees.henderson PASA

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