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House in the Woods Organic Heirloom Plant Sale


One of the most delicious tastes of summer is the heirloom tomato. These old-time varieties are bred for their taste and unique characteristics, unlike hybrids developed for a thick skin to withstand shipment to the grocery store. They are also indeterminate plants which means they flower continuously so you get a longer harvest. Heirloom varieties are bred for backyard gardens with a priority on taste–find out for yourself in your garden.


Sale Hours —

MAY 2-8:

Sunday May 2, 10am-5pm

Tuesday-Thursday (May 4th-6th) from 4-7pm

Friday May 7th, 10am-5pm

Saturday May 8th, 10am-5pm

2104 Mt Ephraim Rd, Adamstown, MD 21710
Contact ilene@houseinthewoods.com or 301-607-4048 for directions and appointments off-hours.

tomato and flower salad



$4 per tomato plant, $3.50 for others, plus 6% sales tax. Ask about other plants for sale. We have another dozen heirloom tomato varieties beyond this list!


Bring a box for your plants. Return pots to our mailbox, we’ll re-use them!

May 2-8, 2010. More info–ilene@houseinthewoods.com    301-607-4048


REDS AND PINKS————————————




____ Black Krim–Dark red beefsteak with rich sweet taste from Black Sea of Russia

____ Brandywine–Pinkish red, most popular heirloom originated in 1889. 

____ Cherokee Purple—A favorite, from Tennessee cultivated by the Cherokee Tribe.        Plants loaded with beefsteak tomatoes. Deep red interior flesh, rich, complex flavor.

____ Arkansas Traveler—flavorful perfect rose-pink heirloom, 100 years old from the south. Tolerant of high heat, humidity, drought. Resistant to splitting.


UNIQUE COLORS————————————-




____ Old German—a mild sweet tomato, with red-yellow streaks to skin and flesh.  Low acid, as are most yellow, orange and green tomatoes.

____ Persimmon–Rose-orange like a persimmon, big, sweet. Fruit up to 2 pounds!

Vigorous and prolific plants.

____ Green Zebra–A magic tomato, green with dark green stripes, skin blushes

yellow when ripe. Green salsa or even green sauce! A hit for contrast on a potluck platter. Also have some Cherokee Green.




PASTES for cooking and saucing————————————————

____ Speckled Roma–Paste tomato, Red with a hint of orange and wavy yellow

streaks, a beauty! And sweet, you’ll want to cut some for the salad too.

____ Purple Calabash—rich red tomato good for saucing. Squatty shape.

____ Orange Banana –another unique paste, this one is orange!






____ Matt’s Wild Cherry–Mini red wild cherry tomatoes, prolific. Cute little stems

with six bite-size tomatoes on each. Kids love ‘em!

____ Sungold Cherry–Orange, super sweet mini tomato. A rare exception to our

heirloom rule in our tomato collection, this hybrid is worth it. Our CSA members

eat them all up on the car-ride home.




PEPPERS and EGGPLANT——————————————————

____ Marconi—heirloom long green bell pepper that ripens to red

____ Purple Beauty—beautiful purple skin, green inside like a regular bell pepper

____ Pimento—Ripens to red quickly, tangy but mild, ideal for cooking or roasting

____ New Ace—a boxy hybrid green bell pepper that ripens quickly to red

____ Jalapeno—the medium-hot salsa pepper, prolific

____ Nadia Italian Eggplant—beautiful shiny standard Italian eggplant

____ Japanese Eggplant—long skinny Asian eggplant, great sliced for cooking.


PERENNIAL HERBS—————————————————-

____ Chamomile—beautiful little daisy-like flowers, dry them for tea

____ Sage, Thyme, Oregano—great culinary herbs for any herb garden.

____ Basil and Parsley too–most popular herbs in the garden

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